Name: Bao Guang water source heat pump
  Cooling capacity:
Application fields:
  Bao Guang water source heat pump

1 console accessories are made of world-class products to ensure product reliability and service life.
Host is the selection of German or Italian Lai Fukang Bitzer semi-hermetic with twin screw compressors and automatic spray protection. Low noise operation and long service life can be achieved at a high temperature continuous safe unit operation. Heat exchanger with Sweden corrosion SWEP Brazed Plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger temperature is less than 1 ℃, ensure the full utilization of energy. Danfoss refrigeration components is selected the United States Aike’s products, electrical components is using ABB Switzerland from Japan, Fuji products, world-class performance and reliability.

2 Hokoso source heat pump can achieve large temperature difference, the working conditions of small flow. Full use of limited groundwater quantity and improve the utilization of groundwater units, the acquisition greatly is reduced, water source heat pump units can averagely save about 30% of water consumption.

3 full computer-controlled operation
The company develope an industrial computer control system with full Chinese display dynamic multi-point, multi-point monitoring, fault alarm, automatic feedback control information and other functions, which can be carried on a single control unit, but also for the entire group of air-conditioning systems control, simple and convenient operation.

4 the units stepless automatic subtraction techniques contained
Automatically follow the air conditioning system, the load changes can ensure that the entire system is working in the best situation, energy-saving effect is obvious, currently exclusive use.

5 units designed entirely according to the heat pump operating conditions, the water temperature is high, generally up to 58 ℃
Optimal design system conditions, to ensure a higher water temperature and efficiency, by reducing equipment selection capacity.

6 High energy efficiency
Heating coefficient performance (COP) is generally 4.25, cooling coefficient performance (EER) is generally 5.83, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

7 Less noise
Noise Reduction system is specially designed, so that noise greatly be reduced, it is less than 70dB.

8 units, compact structure, beautiful appearance
Dimensions is the smallest of the domestic product