Name: BGHSR series seawater heat pump units
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  BGHSR series seawater heat pump units

Bao Guang  large seawater heat pump units Product Description(Introduction): BGHSR series water heat pump units is made of water-resistant titanium plate heat exchanger by using cold sea-water as the heat resource directly. The equipment was made of imported screw compressors, and its refrigerating and heating power can be up to 1MW or more. Applications: urban central heating or refrigerating, hotels, residential areas, business and so on.
Standard units for refrigeration - return water temperature 7 ~ 12 ℃, the standard units for heating - return temperature 45 ~ 40 ℃, the lowest water temperature refrigeration units ≤ 2 ℃
The maximum heating water temperature units> 65 ℃
The lowest unit heating water temperature <3 ℃