Large urban complex building green energy solutions for hot and cold

Earth - the mother of mankind, all things grow paradise, beautiful home. Humans, however, rapid industrialization process, so that the survival of our planet has been unbearable energy over-consumption of heavy loads. "Greenhouse effect" growing, shrinking polar melting glaciers disappear, sea level rise, typhoon raging, air pollution, climate anomalies, the mother of mankind has become increasingly haggard, beautiful home has been destroyed.
Energy conservation is imminent!
11 years with a high sense of responsibility and mission, is fully committed to the development of energy-saving technologies, promotion and application, and achieved outstanding results.
, promote the use of water source heat pump earliest one of the enterprises, relying on ten years of accumulated technology and marketing experience, closely around the sewage source heat pump industry as the core, promote environmental protection concepts, creating a low-carbon life, has been selected as the 2007 Top 20 Chinese construction energy-saving equipment, research and development institutions Baoguang (Dalian) energy technology Research Institute of Government Offices Administration of the State Council, energy consultant. The company has strong R & D capabilities, has nearly 80 national patents. Currently in twelve provinces and municipalities to establish a marketing agencies and service team, Baoguang water source heat pump system with its first-class quality and performance, has nearly 4 million square meters of residential, hotel, hotels, office buildings and other buildings Cooling , heating, annual savings of 40,000 tons of standard coal for the community, emissions of 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide.
The city's sewers like a strip huge "oil" pipe, surrounding buildings can take advantage of the pipeline without any treatment untreated sewage pump system through heating, cooling. Particularly suitable for medium-sized city's bustling city complex regional architecture to address the shortage of groundwater and open space area is small enough to break the bottleneck of the development of the water source heat pump. And the technology is completely replace central air conditioning chillers cooling towers, cooling towers not only eliminate the environmental pollution caused by more save valuable floor space. This is undoubtedly a city to a revolution in the development of central air-conditioning.
Sewage source heat pump technology for my company independent research and development team, Dr., with a national invention patents, the key product has obtained national key new products and National Science and Technology Innovation Fund. By early 2008, the country's top experts chaired by scientific and technological achievements appraisal concluded for domestic initiative, the international advanced. The decontamination technology through automatic machines, self-cleaning heat exchanger as the use of untreated sewage system heat source, winter heating energy efficiency ratio greater than 4; summer cooling energy by 30%. Each use of one ton of untreated sewage can reduce 1.5kg standard coal combustion, reducing 4.5kg CO2 emissions. Wastewater emissions nationwide in 2010 is 730 million tons, if the sewage source heat pump water in the waste heat recovery of these can be resolved at least three billion square meters of buildings winter heating problems, annual savings of 30 million tons of standard coal. Therefore, the country's energy saving technology will work great role in promoting.
2007 Baoguang sewage source heat pump technology was first used in the Dalian Development Zone, Friendship Shopping Center 15,000 square meters of buildings. After another application at the Palais museum, Koyo technology, Manpower spa, Katherine and Technology and many other projects, in 2010 successfully achieved the largest sewage source heat pump system in the city complex construction application, Dalian Reca Square 20 million square meters of building heating and cooling, which contains 100,000 square meters of Meikailong home stores and 100,000 square meters of housing; earlier Weihai Eaux has also completed more than 20 million square meters of sewage source heat pump heating capacity of the engine room installation; has become one of the domestic promote the use of the same year sewage source heat pump technology of the largest enterprises.
Dalian Baoguang not only provides system equipment production and installation, but also the first in the industry to implement the contract energy management business model, specifically investment in building sewage source heat pump room, to provide comprehensive financial solutions to realize the value of investments to maximize the benefits.
The company plans five years, both in technology and production scale, economic and so become the industry's leading companies and industry guide, sewage source heat pump key products of the national manufacturing base, to become the industry standard drafting makers, thereby firmly grasp the direction and guide the development of the industry, becoming the international and domestic markets sewage source heat pump system's main supplier. So that China always stands in the field of wastewater heat utilization technology high ground.
Baoguang people to protect the environment, energy conservation mission to standardized management as a means to become the world's first field of heat recovery, for the benefit of mankind as the goal, to share with all my colleagues to create a better life.