Dalian Baoguang Eco Air Conditioner Corporation is a pioneer of China’s sewage heat pump provider.


    Our indigenous-innovated sewage heat pump is a National initiative, an international leader and state patented. The key product of the whole system is the automatic decontamination water pump. Small in scale and able to decontaminate polluted water without manual decontamination. This system can provide heat in winter with sewage only and the energy efficiency ratio is greater than 4. In the summer it can provide air conditioning while reducing energy costs by 30% or more. The system is very suitable for large and medium-sized buildings in urban areas. This product has broken the bottleneck in the development of sewage heat pump systems. By using this technology, we can save 1.5kg coal, decrease 3.78kg carbon-dioxide pollution by using one ton of sewage.

    We have expanded our marketing agency into 13 Provinces of China, providing first-class quality and performance. Our product has been installed in over 6 million square-meters of apartments, hotels and office buildings. By providing eco heat and refrigeration, our product has saved 60 thousand tons of coal, decreasing 150 thousand tons of carbon-dioxide for our planet.